Hire a Personal Chef

If shopping for and preparing healthy meals is difficult to balance with your schedule and budget, a personal chef might be right for you.

Hiring a Personal Chef can save you time and money by providing the sourcing, cooking and portioning of your weekly meals.

A Healthier Alternative

Eating a fresh, home-cooked meal is a healthier option than dining out because you have control over the ingredients and portion size.  A personal chef can provide you the nutritional discipline that is sometimes hard for us to possess. Consulting with a personal chef about dietary needs can result in a healthier lifestyle because you are eating freshly prepared and pre-portioned meals made wholesome, natural and locally sourced ingredients.

Are Personal Chef Services Affordable?

Statistics show Americans are wasting resources by discarding uneaten food. Not only was the food’s nutrition benefit wasted, but the time and money put into the food. Avoid this by only acquiring the ingredients needed for the portions your personal chef recommends. Many long-time clients of personal chefs are finding the margin of waste has significantly decreased the amount budgeted for shopping. This makes justifying the expense of a personal chef easier when you consider the savings in time sourcing potentially wasted food items.

Convenience: Cooked to Order

Personalizing your menu to your individual and family needs is easier with a personal chef than at most restaurants. Allergies and preferences are usually discussed during an initial consultation with your chef.

Search for your personal chef by asking friends with a PC (personal chef) or use network organizations like the USPCA to find professionals near you. Websites directing your search for chefs like Hireachef.com or other search engines are resources to try also.

When comparing the cost associated with a personal chef you will find per meal or Hourly Rate service to average about $300 each week for a family of 4 eating 5 days of ordered meals. Diet preferences and local ingredient prices are often the main variables when determining your meal plan.

At any price or for any convenience be sure not to risk your health and safety. Research your Personal Chef’s history to confidently proceed in deliveries or even in-home preparation of your nutritious meals.

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  1. You mentioned that you need to consider your lifestyle and schedule before you hire a personal chef, as you will need to know how many meals the can expect to make for you. I had heard in the past that personal chefs were extremely helpful and convenient, especially for those with busy lives. You would definitely want to consider your schedules, to ensure that you make the most of your chef. Thanks for the great tips.

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